06 January, 2007

Shooting low-income expats

Indian movie on low-income expats to be shot in Dubai

I read this headline, and for a moment I actually thought it was some kind of Final Solution to deal with bachelor overcrowding.


Anonymous said...


Balushi said...

I mean a movie on low in-come Indians???

I guess this is how script will be;

-A man get engaged with a girl from childhood

-Man's family move to dubai on a low income.

-Girl's family found out and then they refuse the marriage.

-Girl by chance goes to Canada, the Man also goes to canada and he bangs into an indian girl.

-He start chasing her and singing and dancing in the middle of Toronto, until the girls fall in love with her.

-she then founds out that the MAN is actaully the guy she was enaged to.

-she refuses to see him again!


PS. Now how will the Low-income people pay the Exhorbent CINEMA ticket to watch this movie about them???

Blu shit said...

man go to canada

is that low income u pot of shit?

Balushi said...

hey blu shit (Its good to know that ppl know themselves)

low income = IT prof and nurses in dxb.

secretdubai said...

I now want to know what happens in the end of that film. Do they get married or die horribly in some maple-syrupped massacre?

archer14 said...

...or they'd get married crouching tiger style and create Karama's first Chinatown.
I'm wondering why in the world would they want a Chinese actress in the female lead?

Anonymous said...

SD, just pick up any random hindi movie. (not recent ones, something from the 90's maybe) and watch it. You'll find out the ending

kochumanavalan said...

Keep a few tissues handy if you're into that sorta thing...

Anonymous said...

we are scouting for a Chinese actress for the lead actress role

Why are they looking for a Chinese actress?

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