10 January, 2007

Cartman wants an iPhone

In tribute to all Mac users in the UAE who are probably going insane with desire for Apple's new iPhone:

(Click here to watch it on the actual YouTube site).


BD said...

Can it even my used in the UAE? My guess is it wouldn't have much functionality if it were compatible at all.

secretdubai said...

Probably not the US model, but that doesn't bother me, since I want it for its other functions primarily:

- web browsing
- widgets
- PDA-type functions (calendar, contacts)
- video
- mp3s
- camera to take basic photos

It's so amazing even without the phone functionality, I think.

Keefieboy said...

BD: it'd quad-band GSM amongst other things. It'll work anywhere!

Balushi said...


this viideo is even better than the secys one..

poo said...

SD get the Treo, same functions and you can have it now.
Cingular is already selling it, kind of. Am sure that an unlocked GSM version will be available if you backorder now.

Emirates Mac said...

Or you can make your own iPhone ;-)

Keefieboy said...

Poo: I have a Treo, but I wish I didn't. I want my iPhone NOW!

Superglue@emiratesmac said...

Well... I just got my Treo 680 ; may be I put that inside EmiratesMac's lovely paper model and use as my iphone :-) Really cannot wait to get 1 soon

poo said...

Apple is being sued over the iPhone by Cisco! :)

IMO apple is like a cult and a vast majority of mac users tend to display the same behavior that we see in religious terrorists. Short of flying themselves along with their mac-books and their iPoo in to buildings they are loud and quick to start a flame-war over a machine :S

Note:I own a mac, so please don't flame me.

marwan said...

At the risk of trolling...I wonder how many people simply want it because it's Apple? The functions SD lists have been available in any decent smartphone for ages now - but when Apple does it, it's headline news?

In the end the only real difference between the iPhone and any regular high-end Nokia is the interface - and to be sure, Apple has polished this particular pony till it freaking glows in the dark.

archer14 said...

As long as it is ridiculously priced with the usual shortage of stock on launch day (played to perfection by both Sony and MS) Mr. Jobs is gonna be one happy man.

On a side note...will it play music straight out of the box as in USB drive type MP3 players? My guess is no.

How about playing DivX/Xvid vids? Guess not.

poo said...

The guys at TCPMP will solve the Xvid problem.

poo said...

Guess you may have already read the Treo 680 vs iPhone post

Anonymous said...

looks like youtube and imageshack have been banned again

Emirates Mac said...

In the end the only real difference between the iPhone and any regular high-end Nokia is the interface

I disagree. The other main thing with this, which I don't think anyone has done quite the same, is the seamless integration with a desktop computer. One of the sweet things with an iPod is how well it integrates with iTunes on the desktop, and I think a similar thing will be true for the iPod. Sure comparing feature by feature, it's not something that amazing, but that's not the main point, I think.

About Mac users being a cult: In some ways I can agree and we do speak out when we think the company and products we love are incorrectly or unfairly portrayed. Some of us probably more or less blindly love whatever Apple does, but most of us do not. We just happen to think that this is a great company, bringing out great products that for the most part are better than anything else available. And we also happen to believe that others should also get Apple products because their lives would be better if they did.

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