04 January, 2007

Gulf News Ethics

Gulf News carries an article in which it outlines its Ethics Policy aimed at its editorial, reporting and photography staff members.

Of interest to bloggers, some of whom have had posts appear in the media as if written by the journalists:

Plagiarism: Plagiarism exists in many forms, from the wholesale lifting of someone else’s writing to the publication of a press release as news without attribution. Staff writers’ work should be an original work. Do not borrow someone else’s words without attribution.

Sadly, the Ethics Policy does not extend to the Advertising and Classified Ads Departments to recommend that they only accept impartial Situations Vacant advertisements, but the reporting staff is bound by:
In its reporting, Gulf News will strive to ensure there is no discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, ethnic group or any physical attribute.

Read the whole thing here.


hernandez said...

gulf news is kaka!

bizzwhizz said...

well i had pointed out in a previous post on UAEC about how a couple of blog posts had striking resemblance to the news items in GN

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