05 January, 2007

Iran's Supreme Mullah dead?



flic said...

I'm sorry this is off-topic. This is a message to UAE Community Blog Admin.

I'm switching my personal blog over to the new Blogger version, but I cannot do so because I am a team member with the UAE Comm blog (this blog being too large to switch over yet, Blogger says).

I'm sure you have addressed this before, but I looked around on the site and couldn't find the info., so:

Could you please take me off your list as a member for the time being, so that I can switch my personal blog over to the new Blogger version?

After I switch to the new version, I will sign up in the normal fashion to join the UAE Community blog again.

Thanks very much,



American Center for Surreal and Paranoid Life

Listed on the left sidebar here as Balloon

Debbie melons said...


just wow

Anonymous said...

SD-- Thank you so much for your email regarding my above question. I appreciate it! See you again.

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