18 January, 2007

***stars*** on the right ->->->->

Something funny going on here. We had no stars for ages, so could not see who had new posts on their blogs. Now the entire right hand side has stars, so I can assume they have all updated overnight. The left has none.


Seabee said...

And every one says updated January 17.
The good news is I guess it's a sign that blogger is trying to fix the problem...

nzm said...

CG: When I view the UAE Community page, ALL blogs on the left and the right have stars.

See this earlier thread for more info.

Note to all: The UAE Community blog lists are controlled by creating the lists at BlogRolling.com. One of the features is that you can set up notification to advise when blogs are updated. The UAE Community moderators have chosen the * symbol.

Over on our blog, we've chosen **, so all the blogs on my lists now have ** beside them!

The issues with the updating feature are not caused by Blogger or the UAE Community Blog - it is a BlogRolling.com problem.

They're "working on it", as you can read from comments made on the BlogRolling.com user forum!

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