30 January, 2007

Labourer care packs

Here is a brilliant idea - food and care packs for needy labourers.

I only just found out about this or I would have posted it here earlier. Click the link for details of the packs. There are only two collections left:

Wednesday 31st: ~ 08:00 to 10:00 at Town Centre (Spinneys) Mirdiff.
Thursday 1st: ~ 08:00 to 10.00 at Ibn Battuta Geant end, upper level carpark.

Hopefully the organisers will repeat the scheme as this may be too short notice for many people.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. If there is something similar; or online donation on the same website for the sake of other country, such as Iraq for example, let us know please!

A world of Symphony said...

SD: I'm in for the online donation, if possible :)

Anonymous said...

Hatem am hoping you wrote that after donating something... otherwise some people might assume that you think the laborers are lesser human beings than your Iraqi/Arab brethren, that keep on exploding. :)

Anonymous said...

Someone tell this overpaid white bitch to stop complaining in Emirates today!

[And the circle of complaints is complete]

CG said...

hatem missed the point. Lots of people have anyway.

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