27 January, 2007

The Big Switch

We're switching over. It seems to have already happened, though I haven't had the confirmation email yet. I just put our first tags in ;)

We might look at a volunteer plan to devise some useful tags - such as "media" "blogging" "banking" "construction" and have a team of people go through the archives to tag everything. With nearly 2,000 posts I'm not sure it's a job for just one person.

Do people here generally think tags would be useful?


samuraisam said...


I was planning on making a post regarding tags. We need to enforce certain rules so we dont end up with 800 tags down the side of the page (or does it cut off seldom used ones?)

Anonymous said...

Great! I just noticed that the UAE community blog appeared on my profile page again! :D

Anyhoo, I can't believe how many UAE comm members haven't switched yet.

Good luck with tagging the posts...hahaha kudos!

secretdubai said...

Is displaying tags/labels optional? How does it work?

Because so long as it's a pulldown menu, it doesn't matter so much. If it has to be a list, then we'll have to review tagging everything, because the links to people's blogs are far more important.

i, Bobo said...

"We need to enforce certain rules"

Already with the friggin rules?

For God's sake, man -- give it a chance to evolve before you impose some artificial construct.

bizzwhizz said...

hey guys if u need a hand with switching posts to tags count me in

BD said...

Just switched over my blogs--about 20 in all. I was afraid some glitch in the new system could mess everything. So far, so good it seems.

Regarding tags, I think they are good to have but don't really think it is worth the effort of going back to add them to every post. Tagging's utility comes from being able to easily find posts on a chosen topic. But a normal search still provides some of that functionality.

Kiwi Boy said...

Tags are a great idea.. please do add them, if you have the time.

nzm said...

Some thought has to go into the taxonomy structure of the tags first, also whether people should put their names or blog titles into the labels.

Structuring and organisation of the labels is important - ask any librarian or filing clerk!

Prometheus said...

Belated congratulations!

Tags can be useful, only Prometheus hasn't figured out a use for them yet.

Welcome to Beta, UAEComm.

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