13 January, 2007

A Sad & Bizarre Story (for all involved)

...death, injury, wild behavior, fame and misfortune, a young "podigy golfer" is arrested for drunkenness in Dubai Marina and later ends up dead while causing injury to others. Read the story. Khaleej Times is given as the source but no sign of this news in the Khaleej Times online. Could it be a hoax or is it just hot off the press?


DG said...

Its not a hoax. The news appeared in both Khaleej Times & Al Bayan yesterday (Friday).

i, Bobo said...

First off -- why wasn't there a barrier in between the front and rear of the vehicle? Just about every police force in the world partitions the car to prevent someone who has been arrested from doing just this.

Second. Two Dubai cops arrest this guy for being drunk, disorderly, and violent. He apparently attacked them when they arrived on the scene. What professionally trained police officer in their right mind puts a violent offender ALONE in the rear of a car with no barrier? If you don't have a barrier, you put the second cop in the back to subdue the person if he gets out of line.

Not very encouraging on any level.

Anonymous said...

regardless of the details. I feel bad for the policeman who is in serious condition.

nzm said...

It's no hoax - there's a grieving family back in NZ.

Like i.bobo, I can't understand how this guy managed to do what was reported - especially if he was handcuffed.

CG said...

The young mans hands were cuffed and he was seated behind the driver. He hooked his hands over the policemans (driver) head and tryed to strangle him.

BD said...

It is a very sad story if accounts are taken at face value. Sure the policeman may have been negligent or careless, but if there has been little precedent in the past they may have not expected such violent behavior by their charge. I'd hate something like this to lead to scenes that you find in the US of a half dozen or more cops attacking a single suspect in order to restrain him. I'd hate this to lead to a slippery slope of police abuse.

Seabee said...

bd I agree with that sentiment.

There are plenty of examples of our police simply not being experienced in the sort of crimes we're beginning to get here. It's all new to them and they're struggling to come to terms with it all.

priceless said...

of course! you people will not blame a drunkard for the rotten behaviour, but blame it ALL on the police or the government or the sheikhs. priceless!

BD said...

I for one am not excusing the behavior of the man arrested. He is a victim of his own errant acts (if the story is as reported). I don't blame the police; I feel sympathy for them as well as for those in the unnamed car that was also hit. One man is at fault here and many have suffered as a result.

Anonymous said...

"He was doing what he loved - he was doing well, he was training with some of the best European players."

Drinking makes alot of sense rather than training.

i, Bobo said...

"of course! you people will not blame a drunkard for the rotten behaviour, but blame it ALL on the police or the government or the sheikhs. priceless!

I'm pretty sure no one here has described the guy in sympathetic terms. I, for one, described him as "drunk, disorderly, and violent" and "a violent offender." Once again, people on this blog discover insults in a place where none were offered.

The blame for the accident (as described) clearly belongs to the person arrested. The cause of the accident (as described) is clearly the result of ineffective operating procedure and equipment on the part of the POLICE DEPARTMENT (not the individual officers responding as trained).

Get over yourself. A person has an obligation to voice concern about the place in which they live -- if nothing else, just to prevent this type of thing from happening to one of our police officers.

Anonymous said...

Daddy couldn't raise junior properly to behave in public and abroad.

And people will still continue to drink, they never learn.

If speed kills then so does drinking.

secretdubai said...

Once again, people on this blog discover insults in a place where none were offered.

It's a hobby for people with better to do. They bitch and whinge about how "negative" UAE comm is. I once did a study of the past 100 posts, and found that about 10% were negative, about 10% were positive, and about 80% were just neutral/informational.

I now regard people like "priceless" as at best poorly educated and of low intelligence (which I suppose is not their fault - though a natural sense of good manners and etiquette would restrain them from commenting, one would hope) and at worst as deliberate trolls. We've all had them on our blogs. They're the main reason I moderate comments now.

Anonymous said...

priceless= If the government is going to allow alcohol in this country they should be prepared to deal with the consequences.

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