18 January, 2007

Having a slow day?

Gulf News:
Slow and inconsistent internet service experienced in many parts of the UAE this week drove down web traffic and hampered business productivity, according to firms affected by the problem.

The delays were caused by technical difficulties surrounding the web filter that blocks inappropriate content in the UAE, according to the government's telecom regulator.


Stained said...

oh great...how much can they block more...ppl will always find ways around it..

KJ said...

cannot even access gmail n yahoo n hot mail...

absolutely ridiculous!!!

poo said...

Strange, it seems to be working atm :/
Oh..nm am not in sandland :D

Long live Etisalat

CG said...

mine is all fine now (crossing fingers, toes, legs and arms).

Anonymous said...

Etisalat, Dewa and the others are all the same poop.

The truth is never revealed.

My 2MB dsl line seems to be slow as hell.

Anonymous said...

It works a times and then it either gets really slow or nothing opens at all.

Its pretty frustrating, but i have a backup line. woooosa. ;)

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