14 January, 2007


Many people in the UAE are reporting problems connecting to www.livejournal.com, www.myspace.com, www.youtube.com etc.

When connecting to the internet through broadband in the UAE you either use the transparent proxy or you set a proxy, there are subtle differences between both of these, such as when www.playboy.com was unblocked on the transparent proxy but not on the direct proxy.

To use the transparent proxy your internet settings must not classify any proxy to use.
To use the normal proxy, you must go to (on Internet Explorer 7) Tools>internet options>connections>LAN settings and input proxy1.emirates.net.ae with port 8080.

Using the transparent proxy, you will experience problems (for whatever reasons) connecting to those sites. Using the normal proxy it works fine.

If you have any problems setting the normal proxy, please contact me and I’d be glad to help.


Shiva said...

I wonder how Du will treat the issue of "blocking'

Anonymous said...

It's been a little different for me though. While the direct (normal) proxy works on resolving some IPs, most recently it hasn't been working on several sites; youtube, metacafe and digg to name a few. They work fine in the transparent proxy.

Anonymous said...

You just got Broxied biatch

samuraisam said...

shiva: it's going to be identical.

anonymous: yeah, i noticed that. for me imageshack works with the transparent proxy but not the normal proxy. go figure /:

anonymous: ): it's all fun and games until you get blocked!

Anonymous said...

http://ekize.com/ a myspace layouts website with a built in web proxy

http://myspacesquad.com/ another myspace layouts site with well TWO built in web proxies

i hope these anonymous proxies help you guys

Anonymous said...

there's some problem with the internet at present. i can't go on youtube.com, hotmail.com, and now even yahoo.com is not woking properlyy!
pls help me!!!!
P.S- i can go on livejournal.com but i cannot post a comment. when i do they say open proxy is a scam blah blah...i use ADSL shamil internet...is dat posing the problem?

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