19 January, 2007

Off Umm Suqeim 2 this morning

Does anyone know what this gathering was about this morning?

A big group of surfers, in a circle and holding hands, was in the water at about 10:30am.

It looked like a memorial service of some kind - possibly for Stuart Vowles?


Anonymous said...

are you sure they were surfers?

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

Maybe they were hippie surfers! waves AND kumbaya type deal. I think they should have all been shot!

nzm said...

Yes, Harsha they were surfers - they were all sitting on surfboards and we could see others paddling out to join them.

Anonymous said...

it's a sea picnic!

blogrosh said...

lol Blessing :)

J. Edward Tremlett said...

maybe they were calling up Dagon...

If so, stay away from the local fish restaurants for a few days ; )

Lirun said...

nice circle..

we had cranky and messy waves today in telaviv - i missed the brief window in time that they were decent..



Anonymous said...

Yes, we're surfers. Stuart was a keen surfer. The circle/memorial event is called a Paddle Out. Not a particularly sophisticated name but surfers are not known for being a particularly sophisticated bunch!

Nice photo.

nzm said...

Thanks Surf Camel - nice to get a straight answer from someone who knows!

A great tribute to Stuart.

BTW - if you know of anyone who lost a watch at that event, we found one washed up on the beach later that afternoon. They can email me at matdxb(at)freenet.de to identify it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for the watch information. I've sent you an email.

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