14 January, 2007

MapOcitAe Version 1.30

It has been almost 6 weeks since I updated my pet project site MapOcitae, last week I decided to redesign the site from the ground up and this time to utilize some of the better practices in developing Ruby on Rails (RoR) applications.

Having tackled the tougher issues in the previous release (which weren’t a lot anyway), this redesign took me about a week worth of effort thanks to the very effective RoR framework.

Here is a breakdown of major changes in this release:

  • A simpler design that looks presentable on almost any resolution regardless of the user has an HD screen or not

  • All the fancy AJAX stuff has been removed (for now) in favor of a more streamlined interface

  • Once all issues in this release are ironed out, I will introduce the AJAX stuff again but the web app this time will degrade gracefully when users have JavaScript turned off

  • Though not included in this release, MapOcitae now integrates with del.icio.us and flickr nicely. This will open other areas to explore in this site

  • Unfortunately due to changes in the database structure, all member information (about 28) and all markers (about 54) have not been ported to the new site. The markers might still make it, but as for members they will have to re-register again


poo said...

2x Thumbs up, like the new interface and the absence of AJAX. Nothing wrong with it, its just that it does not play nice with certain firefox extensions.

Doubleletter said...

Excellent !

Its good to see Ruby on Rails picking up in the UAE, which is traditionally a market dominated by MS technologies.

If you ever need help, I'd be glad to contribute, though I'm a Rails newbie myself.

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