25 January, 2007


Will our very own brn receive an Instalanche as a result of this link? The UAE Community blog is proud of you, brn.


Brn said...

Thank you John, and yes, I have gotten quite a boost in hits since he posted that.

Rejected said...

What is happening here is crazy.

On the other hand, Iraqis who are escaping from Iraq to UAE are facing the same thing on UAE's hand but in a different way and no one gives that any attention as well. Hopefully I will in my next post.

I Have a Dream said...

I fail to see how by checking that one single story is not covered we can conclude anything. I am not rushing to any conclusions cause I think the issue is more complicated than just saying media is or is not controlled by some group.

Carter's book, the research conducted by a harvard and U chicago professors would be examples of this complication. Lots of things that are happening in the US: in media, policy, public health issues, education etc are all results of the power that the lobbies have in the US let it be the teachers lobby or the Israeli lobby.... the american arab lobby might be on track soon too.

back to what's happening in Iraq... its a real sad story.. better than any fiction.

Anonymous said...

I agre with i have a dream; there are thousands of stories floating around that could be used to promote or discredit different agendas, but not all of them will make it to the news rooms or the priniting press.

Brn said...

I agree that you all that you cannot say that this one story proves anything. It is especially true in this case, since what I would be trying to prove is a negative statement, which cannot be proven.

I know that many of you believe that the media in the US is "controlled" (whatever that means) by a cabal of pro-Zionist Jews. That is fine, I think that you are wrong, but I cannot disprove that anymore than you can prove that you are right.

My only point is that if such a group did exist, and with the power that it is claimed to have, wouldn't it be all over this story as a great way to discredit those who attack it? Sure, maybe they missed it. It seems unlikely that such a group wouldn't have hundreds of people searching diligently for such stories, but somehow they missed it, despite the Independent and the Gulf News finding it.

I should also say that I don't think that it does discredit those who disagree with the treatment of the Palestinians by Israelis, but if a simple redneck from Eastern North Carolina (me, in case that wasn't clear) can see the potential of this story, then surely a skilled PR person could as well.

blogrosh said...

Brn - have you or have you not heard the comment on Hollywood being a "Jewish town" (this from Hollywood Execs themselves) and how when Mel G won't lunch with Hollywood again - when he went on his drunken slur on Jews?

blogrosh said...

Michael Moore made a critical (and perhaps truthful) documentary film on 9/11 and Bush administration's approach to the Iraq war and Mel G went on a drunken slur.

Compare the two, and you shall see who was dealt more heavy handedly by the Media (this icludes the republican mouth piece - Fox News)

PS: I am only expressing my honest views based on what I have seen/heard/read - this is not by any means a slur on US Media or Americans, so please don't assume so.

Brn said...

hi blogrosh,

We have been over this before, so obviously neither of us is going to convince the other. You do raise some interesting points, so let me try to address them.

I think that it is absolutely true that Jews are very prominent in all aspects of the entertainment industry. If you know the history of Hollywood, you know that it actually is much less than it used to be, when almost all the movie studio heads, such as Samuel Goldwyn, were Jewish and had nearly absolute control over what was made and by whom. I know that it is frequently referred to as a "Jewish town" because of the prominence of Jews. I'm sure that you could similarly call it a "gay town" for a similar reason.

I agree Mel Gibson's career has been harmed by his actions. But how about Michael Richards? Or John Rocker? Or this Big Brother situation? Their actions have also hurt their careers. Does that prove that Blacks or Gays or Indians control the media? Or just that making derogatory comments about any minority group will hurt your career?

But, if there is Jewish control, what exactly are they doing with it? Where are all the pro-Israeli/anti-Palestinian movies and TV shows (especially recently) that this control is producing? Maybe they are out there and I'm just not seeing them.

I don't understand your comparison of Michael Moore to Mel Gibson, since say what you will about Moore, he hasn't said anything insulting about an entire racial group. He does show the relative safety in America of attacking white men. Moore had a best seller in "Stupid White Men". replace white or men with any other group and he would have been given the Mel Gibson treatment.

dredge said...

Yes, I also followed several debates over this topic here, and I'd say your position on it is not th emost convincing. You seem to assume that the other side is only viable as a bunch of conspiracy theorists! But it doesn't have to be like that. it is more a sort of pttern, or a discourse, and just because it's not perfect doesn't make it irrelevant or nonexistent!

Brn said...


I'm not sure that you disagree all that much. I actually have never argued that the media in the US isn't biased in the Israeli/Palestinian situation. I also have never argued that Jews are not over-represented in the media and therefore very influential.

It is only when people take those two facts and then argue that it proves that there is a conspiracy of the Jews to control the media that I disagree.

Also, Ahmed has discovered that the Washington Post has now run a story about this situation.

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