17 January, 2007

Dubai court sentences human rights lawyer to jail for sex out of wedlock

“DUBAI, United Arab Emirates: A court on Wednesday sentenced an outspoken human rights lawyer to three months in jail for sex out of wedlock in a case that has been condemned by international rights groups.

Mohammed al-Roken was not present when the Dubai Court of First Instance delivered the sentence, nor was his co-defendant, a 40-year-old German woman, who received the same punishment.

The German woman, whose name was not disclosed, is believed to have left the United Arab Emirates.

Al-Roken, who pleaded innocent, said Wednesday he planned to appeal.

He declined to comment further. During the trial, which was conducted behind closed doors, al-Roken said he was being prosecuted as a bid to thwart his work as a rights lawyer.”
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poo said...

ahh a rare double post samuraisam :)

sucks to be someone who undermines the authority of the powers to be in sandland. haha

PS- check you email

Proud Emirati said...

This is a sad day for Dubai.

He met the lady months ago to organize an assembly about Islam and Democracy. State police used the meeting as an excuse to ruin his reputation.

Check my blog for more information about him

Shame on Dubai.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

This makes me sad. they both should have been shot! 3 months? pfft. You should get 3 months for SMOKING.

Brn said...

proud emirati,

Your link didn't work, but I think you mean this story: You are not to speak III (real time).

Anonymous said...

gee..no lashes?

Anonymous said...

No lashes ? Hello ?

Haven't you heard they planned to set him up if he doesn't back off ?

Anonymous said...

In this part of the planet, you have to tell stories such as how many girls you met up with in the malls, streets and bars and you'll be just fine.

Sad but true....

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