06 January, 2007

"Make her to stop!"

"“You!” he hollered, wagging his accusing finger in my face. “You are driving. You are not having the licence. Maybe you are going for jail.”

My daughter, then five years old, began crying for fear her mother would be incarcerated, only making the officer angrier.

“Why she is crying? Make her to stop!” he hissed."

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Anonymous said...

This is something on the lines of the post you took off your blog.

BD said...

Can anyone here tell me why the police force insist on issuing all paperwork in Arabic only?

(...and PLEASE spare me any this is an Arab country and if you don't like it you can go home responses.) I'm looking for informed rationale.

that boy ain't right! said...

because most of the force are yemenis and let's be honest yemeni's english. it just ain't that good!

Anonymous said...

Ummm... If you were in Spain, you will get your police paperwork in Spanish - not English. If you were in Italy, you will get the paperwork in Italian. If you were in Japan, you will get it in Japanese...

Why don't you ask them that stupid shallow question of yours and see if they can give you an answer..

Oh wait a minute .. It’s not their problem that YOU, Mr. outsider expat, do not speak their language.

It’s actually YOUR problem.

So stop whining

dredge said...

I'm not really on this or that side, but honestly, for every one bad apple you encounter here there is probably 10 pigs in any Western or (or oriental) police forces who can do much more dmage to your life than speaking broken English and being less than completely sensitive and understanding of your transgressions.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

bd. You answered your own question, and in fact, Abu-Dhabi police have been asked (but not told, yet) to not even attempt to speak to anyone in any other language but Arabic.

When my father live and worked in Japan... he learned japanese. When I lived and studied in the US, I had to learnEnglish (well, and Spanish, in the west)

You are lazy because my country has made things easier for you, but we arent going to do everything for you.

That boy aint right - LOL! and Moroccans! but at least the Yemani's dont usually get a chance to move up the chain of command. lets hope it stays that way.

Kochumanavalan said...

In both cases mentioned in the story, the Police were right, and definitely not irrational.

Whether the lady who drove into the dunes had a licence or not, she was wise enough to take her family with her in the car when she decided to crash it (why die alone?), despite her husband's apprehensions. And then when the Police ask her why the car was removed from the accident scene (standard practice--and the rule--in the UAE is to leave the vehicle as is and wait for the Police to arrive and make their report), gues who was accused of being irrational? (Despite "sand pouring out from the insides"--great excuse!)

In the second case, the lady was unable to show her licence. Now whose fault is that? What is the Policeman supposed to conclude. Oh yes, he was wrong to have pulled her up for speaking on the phone without a hands-free device (in other countries I believe the Police are more "rational" about such things). I'm amazed.

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