09 January, 2007

Protests and the Louvre

"a civil liberty group Sunday demonstrated against the visit of Dubai World chairman Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem whose firm is planning a port development project in West Bengal.

Paschim Banga Khet Mazdoor Samity (PBKMS) members led by its president Anuradha Talwar protested at the gate of the at Taj Bengal hotel where the Dubai World chairman had put up.
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"PARIS (Reuters) - Plans to export a version of France's most famous museum, the Louvre, to a resort in the oil-rich city of Abu Dhabi have sparked accusations the government is sacrificing cultural standards for profit.

The plan, backed by the Ministry of Culture, is part of a drive by the United Arab Emirates to create a luxury tourist destination and the contract to bring the Louvre to the Gulf is reported by French newspapers to be worth over 500 million euros ($655.2 million)."
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nzm said...

Re: the Louvre idea.

If I want to see artworks in Le Louvre, I'll go to France. It's not just about the artworks, it's the whole experience - city, location, history, building, gallery upon gallery of beautiful items - it's part of the Paris adventure.

Wouldn't the 500 million euros be better spent in establishing a Middle Eastern and Islamic arts museum where people can come to see the artworks, culture and history of these parts?

So much is said about preserving the culture of this region, and yet they want to spend obscene amounts of money in importing artworks of other cultures, and very little in showcasing what this area has contributed to the arts world.

Ironically, Le Louvre has a beautiful Islamic Arts gallery.

There must be museums throughout the Middle East who would contribute and loan artworks to an Abu Dhabi museum in exchange for contributions towards the preservation and restoration of historical sites and artworks.

Or would that be too much like hard work?

Anonymous said...

Hmm how about a museum celebrating the back breaking hard work the Emaratis have put in to construct the amazing skyline..
oh... never mind.

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