18 January, 2007

Khaleeji 18 - today...

What a feeling... what is it with this powerful tug at our hearts and lungs called my country?

"Dulce e decorum est pro patria mori" a cynical poem by Wilfred Owen... It is sweet and fitting to die for ones country. Is it?

well there is so much gained by sport, like the game being played today, but death? Well people now are killing & being killed not for ones country but rather for someones belief (true or untrue that is debateable), someones thought.. and they think its for the motherland, they CLAIM it's for the motherland.

Today, Iraqi's from all across the UAE are showing the true mettle of our nation, all of us, Muslims (Sunnis, Shiites), Christians (Catholics, Chaldeans & Orthodox), Sabean Mandaen and people from all mixes of faiths, races and beliefs who are united by being Iraqi, are going to Abu Dhabi to support our team on their first match.

Buses are going out from Sharjah & Dubai which have been sponsored by generous Iraqi businessmen fighting to dissolve the divide created by malicious opportunistic fools.

We are hoping to have more financial support to have buses go out for each and every game our team plays to resist in our own peaceful way, as sport is, the rift created. To try, in someway, to show those who are causing this, that we as Iraqi's are united, even if they try to divide us, we will fight it peacefully, through sports, and other civil ways.

So for the sake of this unity and on this peaceful land of the UAE (May God almighty protect it and keep it thriving with success under its gracious leadership across the seven Emirates), may our teams play their best and may the best playing teams win.


Anonymous said...

Ahh thats why people were driving around dubai with iraqi flags on their cars.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

Although I wont agree with all the hippie speak, I must say that this Khaleeji does feel VERY different. I felt closer, rather than apart from all the other teams' supporters who (and it surprised me) came from all over the gulf.

Very nice indeed... now if only our team didn't completely suck ass meat. sigh.

Anonymous said...

^^ I didnt understand I second

Anonymous said...

Where do people get tickets for the Gulf Cup? Is there a number to call? Do we just show up? Sometimes events like this are very hard for non-Arab expats to find, but those of us who like the local culture would love to be able to take part!

russ ross said...

if i am correct, u can check the arab press! i hear they are free entrance,but i dunno.

Anonymous said...

Many Iraqi fans were unable to get in because the geniuses had to schedule the game at the 12000 seater Al Nahyan Stadium instead of Madinat Zayed which holds 50000 or Al Jazeera stadium which holds 20000.

russ ross said...

truth b told , all games should have been played at zayed olympic stadium,with the exception of the last games,where the 4 teams play at the same time,then they should have scheduled those games for whichever stadium, they choose, either elnahyyan stadium or elgazira stadium . anyway, so far so bad

Anonymous said...

The above comment about "check the arab press" illustrates anon @22:43's point perfectly. If he doesn't speak or read Arabic how does it help? I speak enough to get around and can read the letters but I would need to look up 80% of the words in a news article, so like him I have no idea where to get tickets for the Gulf Cup, or even where the games are held. Can someone suggest something better?

Anonymous said...

Entering is free so there are no tickets.

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