02 January, 2007

DOZ to start operations

The Dubai Outsource Zone has so far registered about 72 companies and is likely to be operational next month, reported the Khaleej Times. DOZ expects up to 400 companies to commence operations at the zone within the next five years. Over 85% of land and office space has now been sold in phase one, while phases two should be up and running at some point in Q1(ameinfo.com)

Well it does make sense for a strategically placed regional hub like Dubai. But it will take more than just land and offices to make DOZ work. Alongwith imported cheep labor local talent would also have to make itself available at reasonable rates to compete with outsourcing hubs like India or China.


nzm said...

As well as cheap telecommunication rates.

Is Etisalat or du going to cut them some good prices, or will DOZ be able to use Skype like the other freezones in order to achieve profitability? :-)

More details on it here in an article written in June 2004.

nzm said...

DOZ website here.

Anonymous said...

Cheap labor needs cheap accommodation. Labor Camps are a solution, but outsourced work usually attracts people who expect a certain living standard, lets see them being crammed in to a labor camp.

Wonder how many blog readers have ever walked in to,(not driven past), the Sonapur labor camps?

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