30 January, 2007

Secret Dubai nominated


Congratulations to Secret Dubai Diary for being nominated as a finalist in the Best African or Middle Eastern weblog category!

Click here to view all categories and finalists, and don't forget to vote while you're there!

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secretdubai said...

Thank you! It's really amazing to have been nominated.

grapeshisha said...

you have mine and my other half's vote

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

Just proves my long standing theory that all awards do is just glorify mediocrity and crap.

Lirun said...

mazal tov

rosh said...

Congratulations SD : )

Anonymous said...

A Blessing in Tragedy Jelaous?

How about starting an award for Emaratis ONLY ? Bet you would win that!

Bet your response is gonna be -> "Leave stupid foreigner, I wish I could kill you"

(Thats the kind of stuff you publish on your blog - yes, we are watching and keeping track, we shall meet next time you travel)

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