30 April, 2006

An Angel in Fujairah

Have you ever been to Fujairah and stared out to sea, and seen all the dozens of ships dotted across the horizon?

It turns out that the east coast of the UAE is host to the world's second largest ship bunker - a place where ships and crews can anchor for weeks/months at a time until they're called back into operation.

Thousands of crewmen are left onboard with no entertainment, no communication with friends and family, and very little to do.

Enter the Mission to Seafarers in Dubai. Through their "Angel Appeal", they're aiming at raising over US$1 million to build a boat that will house an internet cafe, medical clinic, book and DVD library, a welfare officer and telecommunications center. Weekly, the "Fujairah Angel" will cruise between the anchored ships, so that crewmen can go onboard for a bit of R&R and as a break from being stuck on their own ships.

More can be read on our blog.

If you'd like to donate, or if you want to find out how you can help, you can do so by phoning the Angel Appeal on 04 3441823


urbanite82 said...

What a great idea!

nzm said...

It is a great idea.

Now we just need a land equivalent of the Seafarers' Mission - maybe called the Mission to Construction Workers in Dubai.

I wonder how much support they'd get from all the business institutions whose buildings were erected by these guys?

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