03 April, 2006



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"Sami Merhi was "Dubai'd"--that's when you are demonized by unfounded allegations spread by opponents seeking political advantage and then dumped by so-called friends who fear defending you. It is a kind of political terrorism that mixes fear, character assassination, and crass politics."

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secretdubai said...

All it means is a high turnover of UK-based paparazzi. They'll come out here, take their snaps, rapidly GPRS them back to base in Blighty, and fk off on the next plane.

Any that do get arrested will become part of the UK tabloids' anti-Dubai campaign ("poor innocent British person languishes in evil ay-rab jail") and will quickly be released.

It also means a lot more undercover, telephoto stuff - which is by far the nastier end of the whole pap phenomenon. Beckham et al won't even spot these guys in time to call the cops.

John B. Chilton said...

Dubai probably just wants to do an Etisalat on paparazzing; see this story:
UAE community blog: you're being watched

I'm an economist. I'm trained to follow the money, to see linkages.

samuraisam said...

/me thinks SD commented on wrong posting (:

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