20 April, 2006

Strict security overshadows rivals return to UAE

“There were many important people from India with us, and many women, but we were abused and treated with contempt. We were made to feel like animals.”

This comment about the treatment of Indians in the UAE. Surprise anyone?

The "official responce.....

“They are lying,” Dr BR Shetty, president of the Abu Dhabi Cricket Council, told 7DAYS.

Yea right.


Emaraty said...

Why go, when you complain ?
Sit back home in ur aircontitioned room and watch the whole thing with ease. Anyway there aren't a lack of suicide bombmers around in this planet. Who would have taken the responsibility if something would had happened? For sure Media and public would go blaming, AUH Lacking Security????

Humans are just never satisfied!!

yes said...

"yea right"

dude, the world isnt out to get you.

naamer said...

I don't think it was specifically targeted at Indians. The news talks about tight security and whoever chose to see the match.

Axonsax said...

so you all believe that Indians and Pakistanis are given equal opportunities in the UAE.

Let me explain the pecking order:



By the way, if you read by blog I am sure you will be able to ascertain my nationality, there is no "chip on the shoulder" symptom here; just pointing out plain facts.

Some sections of our "cosmopolitan" society are treated like shit but those in authority.

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