12 April, 2006

how much more bad publicity do we need?

Aren't We Meant To Be Kicking Out Racism?

Football 365.com

lots and lots of readers folks.

Is the UAE racist then? Answers on a postcard please...


ChicagoBear said...

Absurd... like little children. Maybe we should all have a time-out.

psamtani said...

Was there ever a doubt on the racism rampant in the UAE. Haven't you seen the employment ads saying UK/US "educated" only - code for 'If you aren't whiter than bleach, fuck off'

Anonymous said...

too true

vulgar one said...

question: i heard that oman's goalkeeper, mr ali elhabsi, has signed to play for boltion, i believe from next season.now bolton have an israeli playeer in their ranks, don;t they? hmmm. this wion't end well!

vulgar one said...

oops! i apologize for the typos in my last posting!but then again i am 65 yrs old!!and my typing skills aren't what they used to be!

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