03 April, 2006

Ban Cameras

Quite possibly posted before, I didn't recall it being posted so I posted it...

As the emirate grows more popular among celebrities, Dubai has launched an official crackdown on paparazzi photographers. It follows the snapping on local beaches of high-profile English footballers, such as Chelsea's Frank Lampard and John Terry, and the sale of these photographs to British tabloids. David Beckham so far has escaped attention, but this is expected to change when he moves into his villa in Dubai later this year. Dubai police say that under local law it is illegal to take pictures of anyone—famous or not—without their consent. While the law has largely been ignored in the past, in early March police officials announced plans to enforce it strictly, threatening prison sentences for offenders.

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Also, enjoy this video of some guys rapping about lahme (meat) (rated PG: minor expletives near end of song)

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