21 April, 2006

Bhutto linked to oil-for-food scam through Sharjah-based companies

outlookindia.com wired

"Bhutto gave a two million dollars commission to the regime of Saddam Hussein to win contracts worth 115 million dollars through two Sharjah-based companies she registered in 2000 and 2001," Hassan Waseem Afzal, Chairman of The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) alleged.
. . .
Afzal said Petroline FZC, a Sharjah-based company involved in the scam, is owned by Bhutto and her aides Rehman Malik, former Federal Investigation Agency's (FIA) additional director and her nephew Hassan Ali Jaffery.

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Doubleletter said...

Not surprising.

To those accusations, add those against Australian (monopoly) wheat producer AWB Ltd, the former Indian FM Natwar Singh, and George Galloway, and others.

AWB has been accused of paying kickbacks to the tune of USD 221.7 to Saddam's regime via a Jordan trucking company.

The list goes on.

This not surprising in a free-trade country like the UAE, but Australia/UK ?!

You can rely on people to exploit all and every possible loopholes to satisfy their greed.

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