12 April, 2006


Time to set some ground rules;
No racism, sexism, or anything that pisses too many people off on the UAE community blog, that is what your own blog is for.

Emaraty, if you are reading this, I have revoked your posting access to the community blog after your last post; if you have a semi-intelligible reason for posting what you just did in the UAE community blog, I may resume your access; email your reason to sam@samurai-sam.com


Emaraty said...

AM I banned? :D

samuraisam said...

yes. unless you can come up with a good reason for what you did.

Tainted Female said...

anyone want a cookie?

Emaraty said...

I need a lawyer.

I don't mind being banned, but by mistake I posted the whole thing here. Was meant for my own blog.
Anyway I have it all back up there.

samuraisam said...

emaraty: your reason seems sufficient; please make an effort to not post stuff like that in the community blog again.

John B. Chilton said...

Speaking of posting stuff by mistake on the wrong blog I can't tell you how often it happens to me. Usually, I catch it just after I click "publish" and then have to cut and paste to the right place, etc.

Awfully easy to do.....

Alex said...

I looked at Emeraty's site and thought it was the words of someone in an insane asylum (being Canadian) - seriously, have you been taking drugs or just venting your lack of feeling inadequate.

archer14 said...

Emaraty, blogstipation choking you up in the rear?
Now since you've gone through canadians and mallus..
what next?
Filipinos, brits, americans, women (naah balushis in charge of that).

But anyway, you'd better not taint the rest of the good emaratis for your self-handicapped status.
Btw emaraty, when free residence visas are bundled with flats, why are you tearing your hair apart? You need locusts to fill up those flats you know.

And come on, with a ctrl c + ctrl v +..... Wow, you really orchestrate mistakes. Maybe we can finally learn something from you after all. Teach me how to mistakenly change my job, puhleeeeze.

Al Mulhama, The Inspired said...

Perhaps, I may cringe at some of Emaraty's comments, especially those that might put women in a certain distasteful perspective. But, I must say, after visiting the 'Shabab' blog, I felt that perhaps what he's doing is what we all secretly would LOVE to do; express ourselves freely without restraint.

I'm sure at times we might even agree with some of his opinions, or even wish at times to be able to express ourselves as such.

So lets take this with a grain of salt.

marwan said...

As distasteful as I find his blog, he has the right to publish it. It is his basic right, as a human being.

When you slag a nationality, you're sandbagging poets, artists, doctors, teachers - the whole kit and caboodle. And using the term 'nationality', just means you can ignore them as people, and use your labels instead. Why think of them as individuals? Too much hard work, I'll just use my quick guide to humanity instead.


MD said...

take a chill pill everybody!

emaraty has the right to blog about whatever he wishes to: it's his free space. there are blogs that diss locals and usually, everyone joins in the laughter. so here is another blog that disses other nationalities. i'm sure we all know how wonderful a 'melting pot' we all are.

if you don't like the blogger (or his/her thoughts), common sense says...ignore.

samuraisam said...

wtf are all of you on about?

He posted a piece of shit racist piece of crap on the community blog and was banninated because of it.

End of story.
He can write whatever the fuck he wants on his own blog and no one can do shit about it, as soon as he posts on the community blog, with racist shit, i'll ban his stupid ass.


Emaraty said...

Did I ever tell you to unban me in the first place?

I may be posting in pieces of shit, but more of it is coming out from your mouth.

samuraisam said...

I may be 'illitrate' 'moran' but so 'ams' you.

funny you claim not to have asked me to unban you...

"but by mistake I posted the whole thing here"
Why would you bother giving a reason if I said 'provide a reason to get unbanned'?

Emaraty said...

"I don't mind being banned, but by mistake I posted the whole thing here."

Next time make an effort to read a complete sentence.

MD said...

time out.

emaraty, it was a mistake 3adi and u're back. sam banned u for the offensive post but that was a little copy-paste goof-up. it's alright. now SHHHHHHHHH :)

Tainted Female said...

Anyone want a cookie?

clayfuture said...

I'll take one? choco chip or nuts?

olga benavuto said...

is that emirati or emiraty? or r they the same? pls confirm! grazie!

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