30 April, 2006

A not-so-shaggy, most unhappy, dog tale

Desert Lady, a newly-discovered UAE blogger (or ex UAE), posts a heart-rending tale about a dog she tried to rescue from a Satwa pet shop:

One Friday, (probably about 15 years ago) I came across the most adorable puppy laying sick in its cage. Above its door a hand written sign read 'LABLADOR'. It was immediately clear to me that (aside from the shop worker not being able to spell) it was not a Lab but a gorgeous Great Dane. The Dane was very weak and was laying in vomit and faeces. Immediately I opened the cage and told the shop worker to give the dog some water. The guy shrugged his shoulders and replied that the dog would not eat or drink. He said it was a bad dog as it was always 'making dirty in the cage'.

Read the rest of the very sad story here.


Anonymous said...

I can understand that there are some of cultural/religious reasons behind the view of dogs in the arab world, but I fail to see any good reasons for the downright ignorance and abuse I've seen many times. Dogs are loyal, caring, loving pets that can bring you joy for a long time, and they deserve better than they are getting by many people here.

Is there really any good reason today to keep up the old habits of "dogs are dirty" and "cats are good"?

That said, animal welfare in general has a long way to go in the UAE.

GMJ said...

well its nothing to do with religion or culture. its just those stores. they cant afford to feed them nor clean their cages regularly, the people working in those stores arent even qualified. but they just wanna sell ..and make more money.

and you said it. its "ignorance". ignorance isnt really attached to a certain belief nor did it come hand in hand with a religion.

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