03 April, 2006

The next site to be banned by Etisalat....

...will be..... Google Romance

Catch it while you can!


secretdubai said...

Good god:

User A uploads her profile.

User B uploads several different, utterly misrepresentative profiles in a bid to cast his net as wide as possible in hunting down virtual fanny.

User A agonises over finding that perfect man.

User B tosses a coin, after selecting 50 profiles with a bust-size larger than 40DD. By coincidence, one of these is User A.

User A calls a premium rate psychic hotline and agonises for two hours with a bored housewive in Liverpool calling her self Mystic Peg over whether User B is her Mr Right Lifelong Soulmate. Google creams in advertising dosh.

User B gets a recommendation to buy User A some flowers, he laughs and goes down the pub instead, chats up the barmaid and shags an ex.

User A and User B go on a date. User B "inadvertently reveals that he's kind of full of himself". User A is so desperate and so lovestruck after Mystic Peg's £25/minute advice that she doesn't notice/care.

User A and User B shag: for B it justifies the cost of the tube ticket; for A it is the first night of the rest of her lovestruck, euphoric, happy-ending life.

User A is devastated when User B never calls and she finds out the mobile he gave her is the number of the local police station. Google's Accredited Contextual Dating Advisor (Mystic Peg using a slightly posher voice) listens to User A's tears and despair for four hours, at super-premium rates.

User A employs Gmail, Gmail Chat, Picasa 2, Google Maps, Google Desktop, Google Suggest, Blogger, the CIA, FBI, Interpol and MI6 to track down User B.

User B has now however renamed himself User C, and is currently going through the process with Users D, E, F, G, ad inf.

Google introduces Google Suicide, with User A its launch customer.

sheikha cheryl said...

No, they will just block Google in it's entirety.

samuraisam said...

Tt was posted as an april fools joke. It isn't a real dating service.

Bobin said...

Samuraisam is right.. This has to be just one of their annual gags :))

Check out these links for the older ones..

Google sure rocks!! :)

Harsha said...


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