24 April, 2006

UAE online singing contest

SuperDubai.com is running an online singing contest for Dubaians (though presumably UAEans generally are welcome):

Good News! for Dubai Residents, now any one can record a song and publish it at http://www.SuperDubai.com "Online Singing Contest". The dotcom will feature the Artist in different Genres in three Major Spoken Language of Dubai, Arabic, English and Hindi/Urdu.

Every Contestant can enter and send their recorded wave or mp3 or even avi video music files to the administrator at SuperDubai.com and for a small fee of Dhs 10/= you are ready to float your voice online.

Not quite sure how they're going to manage the fee payments, but never mind - entry is free for the first twenty singers so get your karaoke clips in quickly. More here:

SuperDubai.com Online-Singing-Contest

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