18 April, 2006

Hatha Al Shariqah

Murder, mayhem, muggings, robberies, kidnappings, is this Tijuana, Fort Apache, Miami, or Compton? Nooo, It’s Sharjah! Well, I don’t know what’s going on. Today, when I came back from taking my girls to the school bus, I saw blood splattered on the wall in alcove between two apartments. Murder, suicide, only Allah and the poor fellow whose innards were violently let loose know what happened
. The seemingly abrupt fall/push/jump from the window above. The watchman said that he lived on the eighth floor, I did not look at the gruesome scene but it was the first thing that my husband saw when he came back from fajr prayer. “It was really gross.” He said The window is chest high and has nothing in which one could boost himself up. Whatever happened it is just on more reason for our beloved authorities to please, stop, take a look, and consider, the topsy turns that life in the Emirates is taking. This was supposed to be for many a paradise and it is turning into a hell.


Emaraty said...

You will need to bring in Jameela Bond in here for investigation.

The rapid growth in the economy has completely changed the so called peaceful Emirates.

pEtals said...

What Peaceful Emirates????!!! Have u seen the amount of new faces that have entered the UAE??? Or better still the new so called needed foriegn investors, or the bunch of GOD only knows "Big Buck" holders rouming around the Gold Souk or the malls, paying in MR DOLLAR CASH and not credit cards or even the poor dirham???! If u havent seen all that, then u are really still living in PEACEFUL EMIRATES!!

Samawel said...

Let's give a round of applause for the new Gangs of Dubai and Sharjah...

We'll just watch what the police around here would be doing for the sharp increase of crime.

The bad parts of "Townsville" can't be avoided in this new metropolitan.

Jameela Bond said...

I doubt this is suicide. The article is covered in the newspapers today and they mention that the guy was leaving for a vacation to see his family after two years. He was also dressed up to go outside, and people heard a scream and then saw him fall.

He was living with another family. I'm guessing they had a row. The (dead) guy had bought lots of jewelry for his wife - I'm guessing it had something to do with the other family sniffing his money or assets. Well, financial assets.

This is Jameela Bond's verdict. I don't think this is suicide or an accidental fall.

azucenamaryam said...

well jameela bond, since he fell inside a wind duct, a dark, narrow place inside the building, between the covered kitchen windows, and toilet fans, at 5am it would be very hard to see in fall, because the only windows thare are on that side of the ducts are kitchen and toilet windows, that if you are in the bathroom at 5am you are not standing in the bathtub, with one eye trying to see in between the blades of the venelation fan.

So Jameela get back out there and find out what really happened. If this is what happens when people share a one bedroom apt, which is becomeing the norm, get ready to open up a new cemetary

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