17 April, 2006

Mathematicians Rejoice!!!

GN Exclusive!!
Bangkok, The city of Angles.


MD said...

archer, i hate to break it to ya but it REALLY is 'angles'. read carefully:

My first visit to southeast Asia's most beautiful city, Bangkok, was definitely successful - photographically.

PHOTOGRAPHY ANGLE. has nothing to do with maths.

archer14 said...

Fact #1:
Bangkok began as a small trading center and port community, called Bang Makok ("place of olive plums"), serving Ayutthaya, which was the capital of the nation (then known as Siam) until it fell to Burma in 1767. A new capital was then established at Thonburi (now part of Bangkok) on the west side of the river, before King Rama I built his palace on the east bank in 1782 and renamed his city Krung Thep, meaning the "City of Angels".


Grammaticaly, that entire sentence is wrong. When did you ever hear a success of anything photographically? Strangest combination of words I've ever come across.

MD said...

it's not about the history. you need to see the title in context of the article. the writer mentions bangkok in terms of rich photography. hence, angles.

as for photographically, it might be incorrect. i don't care. and people do make-up a lot of words while writing; as long as it flows.

i'm not sure if i got this across to u, but the alteration in the title is from the original 'city of angels'. don't try to go too deep, it's just a title. all you need to look at, is the story and its context.

Doubleletter said...

Gosh, I really detest journalistic puns. Its so ... predictable.

And its especially a disease in this country's newspapers.

Or is it that the bad puns are syndicated, too :P

MD said...

lol doubleletter, i hear ya :)

for example, if there's an article about hares, the title will be 'hare-raising experience' LOL. and usually, KT takes the cake in the worst titles.

Emaraty said...

explain me by what do you mean writing "mathematicians Rejoice" ?

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