01 April, 2006

"This necklace screams bling"

Actually, it doesn't. It screams Allah.

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Wonderment said...


There are pendants with Jesus or some Hindu scripts. What's the deal with this one?

pEtals said...

Wonderment said: So do u see it as being bling or what? Or is it that ur annoyed that the word ALLAH is there? Yes we know that there are pendants with the Jesus or Hindu scripts on it, and they could be just as beautiful or even more... So what is it EXACTLY that ur questioning??

Anonymous said...

ok, now i;m lost!

Harsha said...

that its being used as an accessory for a night out after being at the beach.

The person listing it there probably dint realise it. (listing it in the mag)

Tainted Female said...

It’s considered disrespect to wear ‘Allah’ or any Quranic verses in a place where ‘sinning’ takes place. The reference to a ‘night out after a day at the beach’ is probably what this is all about, since it implies a club or something like that.

Also, in the past it wasn’t allowed for such items to be sold to non-Muslims, so this is a rather bizarre advertisement, I guess.

azucenamaryam said...

It is just another attempt to say, what's the big deal? You don't have to be Muslim to strap the name of Allah around your neck, with your "sun kissed skin". It may also be a marketing ploy for the Arab who is naturally sun kissed. I just hope that that they have enuf sense to diss it rather than dismiss it.

Finally, it is an attempt to make the sacred secular and profane. Which is what some who live in these har Emirates specialize in.

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