06 April, 2006

Gulfnews: No plans for 'spy' technology

Gulfnews: No plans for 'spy' technology

Yes. No. On. Off.

Who knows? If there was a way to apply this technology and protect the privacy of certain nationalities, then it probably would be readily adopted. But then it wouldn't have the desired behaviorial consequences.

In the meantime, the married guy speeding through the red light near the shaghouse in Jumeraih at 3am with somebody else's wife can rest easy. No photos please. If you must, please do not send the 5X8 glossies to the home address.

"The UAE authorities are desperate to stop people speeding. According to official statistics, one person is killed on the country's roads every 15 hours." Some women seeking to marry within their nationality are finding a dearth of marriage partners their age - the guys are killing themselves off.

As long as there is not equality under the law some nationalities will behave differently than others. It's all about incentives, kids. So said the economist.

Ask the mother of the guy who wrapped his car around a pole on the 611 yesterday. If they are ever able to extract him and identify him and inform his next of kin.

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