17 April, 2006

USA loses to Chinese in Sharjah


USA loosehead Stephen Beattie, making his first start since the opening match against Uruguay, extended the American's lead to eight points (11-3) on a try in the 57th minute. The United States appeared on its way to its first win of the championships when Lind scored his third penalty goal of the match in the 63rd minute to put the Americans up 14-3.

The lead would last just 15 minutes as Taipei captain Chieh-Yu Chiang's try was converted by Wei-Fan Lu in the 67th minute to bring their nation within four, 14-10. The United States defense held Chinese Taipei for the next 11 minutes before the game's final score, a Chang try with two minutes remaining on the clock, ended a 12-0 run.

Sharjah Wanderers Stadium, Sharjah

FINAL: United States 14, Chinese Taipei 15 (Halftime, United States 6-3)

Whatsa "loosehead"?

Sharjah factoid: Sharjah Wanderers Club is the only place in Sharjah where you can purchase alcohol. Otherwise, Sharjah is a dry emirate. That makes Ajman happy.


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Tim Newman said...

A loosehead stands on the opposite side of the scrum to a tighthead.

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