09 April, 2006

UAE Politics and Security :: MENAS Associates

UAE Politics and Security :: MENAS Associates - 15 Dec 05 (pdf)

MENA Associates don't do a bad job providing a sampler of UAE factoids:

Traffic - "the number of deaths per 100,000 vehicles: around 116
in the UAE, six times the U.S. rate."

Camping - "A December issue of Construction Week says the
level of construction activity over the next five years means the demand
for labour accommodation will rocket, and contractors are being invited to
invest in the UAE’s first luxury labour camp."

East Enders Pinched - "Ajman has seen an average 70% increase for one, two and three bedroom apartments in 2005."

Congestion Discharges - "The UAE is the UK's biggest congestion charge defaulter, according to media reports, and has accumulated debts of £452,650 (AED 2,950,000), more than any other embassy in London, according to a list released by the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office."

Foreign Affairs - rated not safe for UAE community viewing audiences.

Insecurity - "The UAE authorities repeatedly insist with unflagging confidence that the Federation is not a target for terrorism but, equally consistently, they fail to explain why targets that seem ripe for the picking by anti-western terrorist groups should be immune."
What is it they always say? Read the whole thing.

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