30 April, 2006

Are we there yet ?

Hi all,

Most of the posts I've seen here are either links to news articles and other interesting bits and pieces, or links to our own blogs/posts, interspered with self-promotional posts, and some that can only be considered advertisements.

Are we turning into a newspaper ?
(I guess not. Ad-sense is not installed yet.)

Are individual bloggers becoming too fixated on attracting visitors to their blog ?
(We have to draw a line somewhere.)

What kind of content is interesting and what can we call spam ?
(We are our own censors)

The original blogging guidelines for the UAE Community Blog can be found here.

What's your opinion ? Are we there yet or are we closing in ?


archer14 said...

No problems whatsoever dude, live and let live. It might be self promotion, but hey - it's upto you if you wanna click the link or not. I haven't seen spam here I supppose.

nzm said...

Other than the reasons for the blog as in the link posted by Secret Dubai, I'd like to see the posts kept to subjects that are either:
- blogger related
- UAE related

and not just blatant attempts to get blog traffic.

secretdubai said...

A lot of people work quite hard at their blogs but don't get so much exposure as others, so I don't mind them jumping up and down waving (so to speak) every so often.

Any blatant spam gets deleted, if it has no relevance to the community: eg if someone posted about a special offer for DSS.

In fact, perhaps this place should be declared a Modhesh-free zone... I loathe that vile yellow gimp nearly as much as the plastic paedo clown thing on a bench outside McCrap.

nzm said...

Oooh - clowns and Modhesh - now there's a scary union!

J's kids don't like Modhesh either, and I hated clowns long before I read Stephen King's "It"!

nzm said...

Just to get back on topic, I think that we all need to evaluate why we write our blogs.

Because if it's just to increase the traffic or get noticed, if it's not working other than to jump up and down waving, then something needs to be fixed!

bandicoot said...

I've been evaluating, perhaps too hard, what to write and how to organize the stuff, and the result is I have 2 blogs setting pretty...and empty! May be I'll start with a piece about a meeting between Modhesh and Barny the purple dinosaur!

shaikh sultan said...

modhesh: lightbulb for a head & abody that looks like 1 of those crinkly french fries!

nzm said...

bandicoot - just concentrate on one blog and see how it evolves!

And you know that yellow and purple don't mix! :-)

GMJ said...

i think the uae community functions, is just fine. i do come here when im not bothered to check an online newspaper to know whats going on in the uae. and since each blogger has something different to offer, i cant keep up with visiting so many blogs per day.

uaecommunity is easy to follow up, and from there you crawl to links that you choose to click on. and thats how you actually stumble across other bloggers pages.

ps: if we dont publicize here, then how else can we do it ? i mean there are some bloggers that just randomly post here and there to get noticed and thats their way of getting noticed.

cheers =)

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