09 April, 2006

Bahrain candlelit vigil sparks controversy

"Manama: A candlelit vigil, held to pay tribute to the victims of the Al Dana boat tragedy, has sparked a controversy in Bahrain after Salafist MP Shaikh Adel Al Mouawda condemned it as a peculiar activity that is not condoned by Islam."

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Are they serious? Do they have nothing else to pick on or nothing better to do?

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Fahad Al Mahmood said...

I agree with Sheikh Adel and what he said about lighting candles and throwing flowers. As Muslims, we should only do what the teachings of the prophet Mohammed, peace been upon him, and his companions. Such activities is not approved by Islam and Islamically is not the correct way to honor or show respect towards the dead. It is very sad to see Muslims just copying what other people do whithout thinking if it is approved by Islamic laws or not.

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