07 April, 2006

Dubai Planet

Does anybody know who owns/runs/maintains the Dubai Planet aggregator? I urgently need an email address to get in touch with them on - the site itself is entirely contact-free, and comments are not responded to.


Seabee said...

Isn't that typical of our websites here! Bloody waste of space and everyone's time!
Anything up to years out-of-date, very rarely a contact e-mail address - and if there is one no-one bothers to read and reply to e-mails anyway.

samuraisam said...

seabee- true, except this is a freely run, basically charity website for blawgers.

keefie- whois records point to this address: dubaiplanet.netws70tw@privacypost.com

they have their exact email address private, this should, in theory, forward to their real address, and then they can respond;
I believe it was designed/run by the same people at http://www.jordanplanet.net; so try contacting them on 12790372.fly@spamfly.com

mmmk. that will be all children; I am the oracle; I hold all the answers.

Seabee said...

Well done sam.

Not only websites of course - how many media ads don't say where it is, how to contact them, even what the hell they're selling!

It really annoys me that, charity or not, people don't bother to do the job properly.If you're just gonna frustrate people it's better to not do it in the first place.

Keefieboy said...

SamSam: Ta.

samuraisam said...

seabea: this is Dubai we're talking about, not the freaking UN man!


Seabee said...


greensleeves said...

ok,i;m new tot this,whatls dubai planet?

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry if the planet is bothering you so much. The system is based on Drupal.

You know what, if you folks find this such a 'bloody waste of space ...' I'll take the freaking thing down.

Jeez. So much for trying to do something nice -- bunch of ungrateful whiners.

Keefieboy said...

Bit of an over-reaction there Oh Planeteers - I was only trying to get a bloody contact email for you!

Anonymous said...


Maybe it is an over-reaction. I'm just in no mood to be told by some guy how dubaiplanet.net is a waste of space and everyone's time. If it is, poof! gone! IT sure as fuck has been a waste of my time.

I put up the site and gained absolutely nothing out of it. Neither was I looking to gain anything about of it either. I simply wanted to help create awareness about Dubai and its blogging community.

Ooops! Here comes Keefie saying he wants to leave. Ah.. sure, buddy. You can leave. It's not like someone was holding you in. While you are at it, take the whole bunch with you.

No, Jordan Planet have nothing to do with Dubai Planet, except that the person running Jordan Planet helped with the setup of Dubai Planet. Fortunately, Jordan Planet has a good community around it with people wanting to make it better -- not people who want to compete against it or pull out of it, etc.

In fact, I am even puzzled as to why you wanted to be removed from dubaiplanet.net anyway? Oh.. too much exposure? I mean, jeezuz. Freaking drives me up the walls.

I know that I am blowing this way out of proportion -- but put yourself in my place. Imagine you are donating to charity and the beggars tell you, no , you must give us exact change in 10dhs bills. What I say is, to hell with all this shit. I'm out of this.

Btw, should someone want to contact me, I will be reachable here: dubaiplanet@gmail.com.

SD, please feel free to remove the Dubai Planet link from your blog -- and I thank you a million for your support.

secretdubai said...

Oh god - please don't remove Dubaiplanet.net - it's such a great service.

I am overseas at the moment, but when I am back if you have still removed it I will of course take the links off as you request.

I do beg you to reconsider though.


Anonymous said...

SD, it's not going to go away for good. I'll try to re-do it again in a more... interactive fashion.

I am slowly trying to coerce keefieboy to pitch in :-)


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