19 April, 2006

Gulfnews: Jail and deportation for harassing women

Gulfnews: Jail and deportation for harassing women

Men caught harassing women will have their photographs and personal details published on the internet, an official at the Interior Ministry said.

Police have warned that tough action will be taken against those who repeatedly harass women. This includes longer jail terms for UAE nationals as well as naming and shaming them across the media.
. . .
At least 23 men, including 18 UAE nationals, are serving their jail term at present. "The move is aimed at preventing them from assaulting ... women's dignity. Harassing women is clearly inconsistent with the values and customs of our society."
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Ordeal of waiting for a taxi
She said men of all ages stop to ask if you need a lift or help. "They ask for your number. You ... be polite and they become more insistent until you have to leave your waiting spot. They throw their numbers out of the window at you. Old (I mean like 70-year-old) men asking you to get in(to) their car. The weirdest was a 14/15-year-old boy who was driving. Followed me home throwing his number out of the window."
"Russian?" is a common interrogative in Dubai. In the context, it is harassment.

What if you are a UAE resident male who harasses a male while you are in another country? That's a job for the court system of that country, but we may ask what the appropriate penalty is. And shouldn't the residents of this country be aware of those residing here who have been convicted of harassment elsewhere?


Anonymous said...

It happens to men, altho not as much. I have been the target of this. I have also ended up with the wrong crowd when going to a "wester" party. It was not, and i ended up in a bad way. We should increase time behind bars and splash their information for all to see these horible acts...

Anonymous said...

they used to name & shame them once upon a time, about 10 rs ago,i think! hmmm!

bandicoot said...

I was told onece that some of the young men took advantage of the public "shaming" and competed for their pictures to appear in the newspapers. I remember the practice was still in evidence five or six years ago.

John B. Chilton said...

Bandicoot - Competing to be shamed. Very interesting unintended consequence. That says to me their families are not just unaware the bad behavior but have lost control of them totally.

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