23 April, 2006

Just Make an Effort...

I saw this post by GoodLookiN! on the community portal in which he was swearing (thats not allowed, right moderators??). I suggest him to read this in todays Gulf News and respond maturely. To all the people who do not make even the slightest effort while living in the most peaceful country in the world, try to get a life and learn to appreciate the good from the bad. Positive criticism is always welcome, change is always necessary, but not the type of criticism that we see in most of the blogs here.
I request all of the bloggers to be neutral when they post on the community portal. You have your own blog space to fill with whatever you want.


el condo said...

That was a nice gesture by the Police and surely the right thing to do, after everything they put the man through.

BTW, Ahmed, Good Lookin's post is dated 8th April (before the apology), and his observations are totally on the ball. (Expletives may not have neen necessary.) In a more advanced country, the Police would have been sued to hell and back.

Do I understand you to be suggesting that only "positive" comments about the country should be posted on a "community" blog and not negative ones?

Yes, I said "more advanced". Forgive me.

MD said...

a7medo, u rock now and forever :P

GoodLookiN! said...

Thank you el condo.

I was very upset that day, not with any individual or organisation, just his plight.
I'm glad it's resolved now, I'm glad gulfnews ran the stroy, I'm glad I posted it here and I'm glad we discussed it.

I'm sorry about the expletives.

Ahmed, I have posted about this on my blog as well.

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