05 April, 2006

People Who Feed Off Others' Misfortune

7 Days writes about the grizzly phenomenon of people gathering around accident scenes, particularly on the UAE's roads. The article tries to offer some explanation--though not any excuses. I think it is sad the way so many people in this country gawk at such scenes. It shows a great lack of empathy for the pain that other human beings may be suffering. A simple thought like, "what if that were me under that wreck?" is enough to make me mind my own business, as the last thing I'd want is to be the object of freakshow like attention when such a tragedy occurs.


Jessie said...

I was involved in a 7 car accident on Emirates road two years ago. It took the police about 20 minutes to get there. During those twenty minutes of waiting of course people who were driving around they had to stop for a look. (and thus cause traffic jams)

As if it's so interesting to see other people with problems and possible injuries or worse... A few drivers of the trucks and I was waving them to go through, without stopping (it's annoying how they just stare, some even LAUGH and point) I had to knock on the windhseld/side window for some of those idiots to move on before I smashed the windows. I really DID feel like smashing some windows and grabbing the guys in the car and shaking sense into them....

It's extremely annoying how they stare and all... it's like WHAT is so fascinating about watching other people in pain? It's not a bloody entertainment show. had an urge to stop one guy and beat the crap outta him because he was pointing at the man in the SAAB whose car was practically crushed from behind, and laughing! Swear some of them have no heart whatsoever!

BD said...

^^^ Yes it really is a shame. As empathetic as I try to be toward other human beings, the ones I have no empathy for are the one's you've described. Don't let me even get started on the notion that some of these people probably get into their own accidents trying to get to a mosque to pray. I guess all you can do in such situations is accept that a whole lot of people are idiots and their stupidity will probably someday get them into the trouble they deserve.

bandicoot said...

Sometime ago an email with pictures of a horrific local accident was making the rounds. It included close up pics of a dead person; really disgusting stuff. It's hard to believe someone took the time to snap these auful pictures and then had them sent around. However shades of this depravity is ocasionally reflected in the pictures published or shown in local newspapers and media.

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