27 April, 2006

That Secretary Dubai Diary blogger lady really gets around

Khaleej Times Online: "Secret Dubai deal helped save oil tanker hijacked by pirates."


grapeshisha said...

hehe. Good spot.

nzm said...

Henceforth, she shall be known as Secret Squirrel Dubai


Seabee said...

The power of bloggers increases daily!

ali said...

By Khaleej Times ‘Scrutiny’ Investigation Team

ali said...

more hahahahaha's


The problem of sea pirates
By Mohammed A. R. Galadari

27 April 2006

DEAR readers, Khaleej Times investigation team has focused attention today on sea piracy, a very serious problem facing the shipping industry in more spectacular ways in recent times. The report relates to ransom paid for release of a ship hijacked off the Somalian coast....
....Dear readers, your favourite Number One daily, the Khaleej Times, is serious about putting effective checks on such situations. We will be coming up with more exposes in the days ahead, on this as well as other matters of public significance.

moryarti said...

SD wasn't in the land-down-undar after all .. :P

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