04 April, 2006

Dubai 3D Browser: Attractive & Creative Way To Browse Dubai

Dubai 3D Browser

First ... Thanks to 3D-Freak for bringing to my attention this very amazing Dubai project.

Dubai 3D Browser is the full 3D modeling of Dubai. The Dubai municipality will provide the best tools to advertise your company in Dubai and all over the world. Now you have the power to reach and be reached. The unique Dubai 3D browser lets your company be seen in a dynamic manner. It will also advertise your company just like the real Dubai City, available from any place in the world. Each building, road, urban object is modelled in 3D for a better quality.

Dubai 3D will be available on internet, CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs. On Internet, will be live browsing by clicking in the screen or by using the navigation menu. On DVD-ROMs, will be live navigation, walkinside real time.

Registering for Dubai 3D Brower started September 2005. The Dubai 3D Browser project is brought by Dubai Municipality and French Concept Digital Solutions.


secretdubai said...

Oh Quel Surprise - there's no traffic on Sheikh Zayed road, and the sky is a vivid deep blue. It is never that colour in the Gulf, due to weather, dust and air pollution. It gets blue at the top perhaps on a winter's day, but is always white-to-grey nearer the horizon.

Anonymous said...

It's more of the same... stick your head in the sand and create something "flashy" without substance to create hype, instead of addressing some real problems.

BD said...

Well, the fact is the site seems pretty dead. It could be really great if it ever turns out as intended.

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