23 March, 2007

Barbarity in the UAE

While the UAE strives to empower women in all sectors, there are still sick minds amongst us.

We're not sure what's worse, the fact that this Emirati burnt his sister alive or that he will probably only get a short sentence.

What century are we in again?


BuJ said...

disgusting and disgraceful

Anonymous said...

"What century are we in again?"

It's about the 19th century in Dubai, but once you cross over to Sharjah it changes to the 1600's

Anonymous said...

Once again you foreigners are judging us by your own standards, and low ones at that.

You came here, I didnt go to where you're from live with it.

he did the right thing. he really did. and he will probably get NOT A DAY in jail.

And there is NOTHING you can do about it.

samuraisam said...

"you foreigners"

you locals.

Keefieboy said...

ABIT: I cannot believe you are serious.

Anonymous said...

why do u have to point out that he is an emarati....and just cause an emarati burnt his sister for whatever reason doesnt mean we are all capable of doing such a thing.
U guys can be really retarded sometimes

Emirati said...

you locals what ?

tobasco said...

This is really sick.

Anonymous said...

Sex and Dubai

Have you been harassed by a local ?

The way you put it, you sound like you've got alot of hate for locals.

Are you sad because he burnt his sister or the short sentence he'll get ?

You're 1 funny character.

MD said...

Disgusting. And ABIT, no one is judging YOU. Crimes happen in all countries and you can't generalize a population after one man's deeds. But from your comment, you're not doing setting any positive standards anyways.

Anonymous said...

Samuraisam. I am a UAE citizen. Not a "local" keep the turn of the century English colonization lingo to your self.

there are only 2 types of people in the UAE. Citizens and foreigners. thats it. a "local" is a made up term that can really mean anyone who has lived here for I'd say more than a year, and "expat" is another word for mercenary... or money whore.

Keefieboy said...
ABIT: I cannot believe you are serious.

Actually I wasn't entirely serious. I am serious about the fact the people who are not from here feel a need to judge what goes on without understanding it. especially people who always think that they are better than others (The English are a prime example, yes, they are, all of them)

I was also serious about the fact that the murderer (thats what he is) will probably get not a day in jail.

What he did I dont agree with. I am in no place to judge what he did, he for sure is not from the same ethnic background as myself. you will learn (I hope that the UAE has a very wide range of ethnic backgrounds in it's citizens.

however, he has a father. a girl only needs her father's blessing to marry. not her mother's, uncle's aunt's or brother's.

Hell, my sister was engaged and married while I studied in the US. I was not asked and I did not offer an opinion. A brother has (in Islam) no say in his sister's marriage.

So do I agree with what was done? no. Was it a bad thing? I cant say, I have no right to. Is he going to pay? probably not. and finally, we can talk about it till cows fly... will it change any of the ffacts? nope.


Anonymous said...

"What century are we in again?"

We are in the twenty first century; Friday 23rd march 2007, at 7:39 PM [GMT+4].

Anonymous said...

the middle east will never move forward as long as it treats its women like a commodity

CG said...

I think he will be executed.
I only believe that because it was reported in the papers.

Stained said...

well said ABIT.....I totally agree even though I'm a foreigner....

If they follow the eye for an eye law then it will be an execution...but let see what the papers report in the future about it....

i, Bobo said...

First statement: "he did the right thing. he really did. and he will probably get NOT A DAY in jail. And there is NOTHING you can do about it."

You're supporting a man's right to torture and kill his sister because he disapproves of her choice of husband.

Backtrack all you want in later statements, but right there at that moment you expose yourself as the vile, disgusting, misogynistic woman hating pig you clearly are.

And if your "culture" (as if this barbarism could actually be clothed in the term) supports this type of behavior, then you're damn right I have no respect for it.

Anonymous said...

ABit.. an expat is a money whore.. right. Right... I am an expat (Expatriate: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/expatriate) Please check your preferred English dictionary for a reference. I see that your US education didn't do you much good.

Listen up honey, the whole world is a money whore by your way of thinking. Ain't nothing wrong with that, last I checked. Now the question is, what kind of whore does that make you?

Emirati said...

In the UAE, we have a system. For most families, both the boy and the Girl need permission to get married. The brother was not allowed to kill her under any law, be it shariah or the UAE court law. What this guy should have done, he should have went and lodged a complaint with the police, who would have subsequently arrested her and the idiot she married. The most he could have done was murder the bastard that married his sister without his family's permission. Let us see how much love there is when he is helping to make the UAE a greener country.

However anyone, who thinks that he can come and say his culture is superior to ours, is blind ot the fact that our culture has always been peaceful towards other outsiders. Barbarity exists everywhere. If you think that things worse than this dont happen in your country, think again.

i, Bobo said...

The issue is not marriage or the marriage laws in the UAE.

Further, I didn't say my culture was superior. I didn't say your culture was inferior. I did say that I would have no respect for a culture that condones the beating, immolation, and murder of a woman because she had her own opinion -- and quite frankly Emirati, I'm a regular reader of your blog and I'm pretty sure you don't condone it either.

I also said that a person who states "he did the right thing. he really did" is a "vile, disgusting, misogynistic woman hating pig." I stand by this statement, regardless of ABIT's belated walk-back to "Actually I wasn't entirely serious."

Think about those last three words.

Wasn't. Entirely. Serious.

A woman has been beaten and burned to death and ABIT "wasn't entirely serious" when he stated "he did the right thing. he really did" about the perpetrator.

Look, this is NOT about western values leading to the decay of Local/National/UAE values. This is NOT about Iraq, Palestine, or the threat that the West poses to Islam either. This IS about barbaric criminal activity, plain and simple.

This is also about someone who attempts to take the outrage of people who denounce the worldwide violation of women and tries to turn it into a clash of civilizations -- when in reality it's simply about basic dignity and human rights.

BuJ said...

hmmm dunno what all this fuss is about. Obviously the guy is a murderer and should be dealt with appropriately just like CG and Emirati have pointed out.

As for ABIT, I feel sorry for him because he uses his citizenship as a qualification to talk about certain matters. We're not applying for a bank loan here my dear.

Anonymous said...

Blessing in a tragedy i think you shouldnt argue and waste time with the people of this UAE community ..More thn half of them are hypocrites they live in this country, live off its resourses, make money and still curse this country and its people...that worse then being a whore.....and about foreigners it comes naturally to them to curse the whole society just cause of one person...they are most of the time cursing Islam and Arabs cause of few people and they tend to forget shit happening in thier own countries...they find it hard to accept if we blame thm for the crimes their government and their people have committed ...so BIT its useless arguing with then..just chill!

Hot Lemon& Honey said...

Relax people...nobody said anything about the UAE, they talked about individuals who are "sick minded", which is true, what was that guy thinking.
Why do we have law or Shariaa if we are going to take things in our own hands? This guy was out of his mind he tortured his sister before killing her. He is not the average UAE guy, he is the exception.

A crime is a crime. He knows it is wrong and that is why he is on the run, hope he gets the same fate he put his sister through.

Now to anon who said "the middle east will never move forward as long as it treats its women like a commodity" women are treated as a commodity all over the world, we make it obvious here, that's all.

Did anybody wonder if the family were actually aware of the brothers intention?

samuraisam said...

She got married in the UAE though, didn't she? if she had gone against her families 'decision' she would've had to have gone to another country wouldn't she? Doesn't that mean the rest of the family agreed and only the brother disagreed?

Anonymous said...

The crime here is not an Emirati murdering his sister, but a man killing a woman. It may have happened in the UAE, but the perpetrator is male, ultimately it is men that have to own up to our violence against women. Such gender violence knows no boundaries, no culture, no religion - it is universal. In the U.S. 4 WOMEN ARE KILLED EVERY DAY by a relative! (http://www.now.org/issues/violence/stats.html)

A man committed this crime. Period.

Anonymous said...

She's dead and he's going to be punished...sooner or later.

So why is everyone getting all fired up ? childish talks won't solve anything, let the CID/Police deal with it, nobody will move an inch and put him/herself in trouble to capture the murderer.

If you don't like it here you can always move out, nobody is gonna miss you or cry for you.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 24 March, 2007 09:12

I don't get you people. Yes, if people move out, they WILL be missed. The UAE economy will collapse and it will go back to being a desert with nothing in it. This is not exactly a country that can live on without the 'foreign mercenaries that are us'.

It is a mutual relationship. The UAE needs people like us to make it work. It was their choice to do it this way. It is also our choice to come in and _HELP_ them out. I could have picked any of the many countries in the world to live in.. I choose the UAE cause it seemed interesting. No, you got it wrong. When WE LEAVE.. you will cry, we won't.

Deal with it.

rosh said...

Shocking and sad - I hope her soul finds peace in heaven. Violence against women happen in every country - nobody's life should end this way.

Hope her family has the strength to carry thru these tough & troubled days.

fellow atheist said...

anon @ 24 March, 2007 15:38

Violence happens everywhere -- be it against women, men, children or animals.. it is a sad reality.

I hope that he is arrested and never released into society again. It's times like these that one wishes there is an after-life that would compensate for the horrible things one experiences in this life.

My condolences go out to her family (with the exception of her monster brother).

Anonymous said...

This guy is an asshole but lets not generalize against the locals.

Anonymous said...

Backtrack all you want in later statements, but right there at that moment you expose yourself as the vile, disgusting, misogynistic woman hating pig you clearly are.

I didnt back track. I still believe what he did was right. In fact, I would be for a law treating non UAE nationals as cattle where I could shoot you guys and have nothing happen to me.

and you judging me is meaningless since we are in my domain. your standards (shady low ones at that) may, at the end of the day label me as the above. but mine dont. and thats all that matters.

My US education did as well as my UAE education. Its the fact the I am 1/2 American that gives me the right to play both sides. oh, yes, it does.

And before I am called (whatever) for the 1st part of thos post, let me say right now that I am only 1/2 serious... less animals and more... subhumans.


Yes, I know its pointless arguing with money whores. but I just pulled a 16 hour shift and was bored.

What kind of whore does that make me? well not a money whore. I dont come from a country who does such a bad job of providing for me that I have to whore myself out to another country then bitch about the same place that allows me to drive my new BMW... something I would only see in magazines back home.

I might be a music whore... Love my music... or a car whore... i like cars... or a man whore... like women as well... though... I'm really looking for that special someone... once and for all...

You wanna be my special bam bam mate?

samuraisam said...

"What kind of whore does that make me?"
The kind of whore who uses the language of the people he despises so much.

Keefieboy said...

ABIT: you either believe something or you don't. You can't say 'black is white' and then later on say 'only kidding, it's pink really'.

Oh, sorry, I'm a money whore and whatever I say or think doesn't count. If you want to be taken seriously ABIT, take a stand, make a statement, don't backtrack and don't mess about.

If you really think it was right for this guy to murder his sister, I want to know about that. And I'm sure the CID will be interested also. You might be feeling that you are being told what to do/think by a bunch of foreigners, but guess what, that's how the world works. Globalisation means that everybody has to play by (more or less) the same rules.

But even without the globalisation aspect, 'honor killings' are not condoned by UAE law. You still think the guy was right to do what he did? What are you going to do about it?

Anonymous said...

"What kind of whore does that make me?"
The kind of whore who uses the language of the people he despises so much.

Didnt read my post? I'm using one of my languages. Also, I didnt say i despise a "peoples." I despise types of people. your type.

So guess what, I have every right to use what I was born into.

But even if I wasnt born into English, if I were 100% Emarati, the fact that I have learned not only "your" language, but culture (again, it is also mine) is a testament to how much better I am to those who come here as money whores and know nothing about this place.

But hey, thats not me, the whole "he uses English blah blah blah" wont stick here. sorry.

No, Globalization means that the haves attempt to force the have nots into playing by their rules. and sure, this kind of thing isnt usually tolerated in the UAE, but hey, in a country where one can get into an accident, kill 2 people, and have no consequences, (a family member) this little "incident" is pretty miniscule.

I dont have to take a stand, Not if I dont choose to. unlike you, I dont believe that I have a right to bitch about every little thing that everyone else does. I'd rather watch what I am doing. (Life's going ok, thanks for asking)

And thanks to my wry (and morbid) mind I can very well say that black is white, and no power on this earth can convince me otherwise.

Then again I am bi-polar and cut myself (and others) so you see where this is going.

I find stories like these funny, Actually, death in general is pretty funny to me. I just wish more people like "some" of the people on here would die.

Stained said...
well said ABIT.....I totally agree even though I'm a foreigner....

I get the feeling that you are understanding my use of the word as somehow demeaning. I dont mean that at all. just wanted to clear that out. I just would rather me specific than use terms that are way too out-dated or way too broad.

Citizen, Foreigner, Resident, Non-Resident Alien. very specific...

Anonymous said...

I am an Emirati and I don't think there is another interpretation for this issue except the fact that this guy is a criminal and needs to be executed for killing an innocent human being, PERIOD.

Hot Lemon& Honey said...

Two comments:
I hate globalization..makes places and people bland.

"bi-polar"..you mean borderline personality disorder, people with bipolar affective disorder have highs and lows and never cut them selves. But they might speak their minds (with no filtering) like you do :)

marwan said...

ABIT: Hoo, boy. What planet did you come from? No wait, don't answer that...

And for the record, does murder recognise nationality? This rat deserves to be hunted down and thrown in the hottest, dankest prison we can find, to live the longest, most miserable life we can give him.

His sister, whose brains he bashed out against a wall, might not be so forgiving.

Anonymous said...

ABIT...if you don't like it, you can always leave ;-)

BuJ said...

HL&H.. "bi-polar" how very true doc!
However I feel ur diagnosis will fall on deaf ears.

Anonymous said...

No, it's been suggested by many a doctor... and many prescriptions have been written... they live in a drawer... next to my beheaded JI Joe action figures and pictures of supermodels with their breasts cut out.

Annony Mouse said...

Some folks just hate admitting they made a mistake...so they just dig themselves in deeper...

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