24 March, 2007

Poetry, Lyrics, and the sort...

So it's time for some shameless self-promotion.

I just put up another piece. I'm not sure why I never thought of putting these up here sooner. anyways, check it out, comment... constructive criticism is more appreciated than a "that was good."

also, I have been thinking about putting together a local (as in, inside this country) poetry newsletter type thing. sort of like what emiratesmac does for us Mac users, but not as flashy. a one page "thing" that would be at the checkouts of local bookstores and/or coffee shops. anyone think this is something worth the effort? anyone want to contribute something?



Emirates Mac said...

Well, if someone would want to write some kind of Apple-related poetry, we'll put it in shuffle (which will be printed from the next issue).

MD said...

If you want to do the poetry newsletter, I'll work with you on it.

Anonymous said...

LOL! sure em. apple poetry, well, I guess I could pawn off any poem on you and claim its apple related, right?

md, what would you like to do? how would this thing happen?

Emirates Mac said...

I'm sure you could :-) I think it's a great idea and wish you good luck with it.

MD said...

ABIT, give me your mail address or just drop me a line at funky.randomness@yahoo.com

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