30 March, 2007

Gulf Today: One man, 38 phones and a bill of 624,000

It's all here.


John B. Chilton said...

Here's the full story in case the link goes bad:

One man, 38 phones and a bill of 624,000


DUBAI Court of First Instance is hearing a case on bills worth Dhs624, 000, filed by Etisalat against a UAE national, who owns 38 cell phone lines in his name.

The court notified the defendant to attend the court session, while the same court will hear another case filed by Etisalat against a woman, whose accumulated cell phone bill touched Dhs198, 000.

Legal sources said there was a mystery shrouding these cell phones that would be unveiled by the expected court session, citing it was irrational that 38 lines to be owned by one person and all in service. It is also illogical that one person conducts calls for Dhs198, 000 without the line being cut.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last paragraph. you dont let a phone line go for that long without cutting it. Some fishy shit's going on for sure.

samuraisam said...

Our favourite telco company is surely incompetent in these matters; I was surprised that my post paid mobile wasn't cut off after 6 months of non-payment. I recently got the bill paid (it wasn't exceeding 3 digits in amount however)

A friend of mine doing a work-experience stint at Etisalat told someone about my 'luck' regarding not being cut off and someone higher up insisted on checking my number and he claimed that it was perhaps not cut off because the amount wasn't high off despite him claiming that they provide only 30 days of non-payment before cutting the line.

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