12 March, 2007

Hot property, or not?

Article on ArabianBusiness.com gives some info on people buying Dubai property, and also why some aren't - albeit from a non-GCC expat point of view.

Excerpted quote:
The unpredictability over whether property prices will rise or fall in Dubai over the next ten years, is one reason behind expats’ reluctance to buy. Property prices in the emirate are linked to supply and demand and so far the steady flow of expatriates into the country has seen property prices rocket.
Read the whole article here.


B.D. said...

The read the whole article here link doesn't lead to the article. Could you repair the link?

nzm said...

Hi BD.

That's really strange, as the link in my post still shows the URL to the article and not to the home page of ArabianBusiness.com!

Anyway, it's working again at the moment.

If it fails, just type "Hot property" into the search window of AB.com, and the article will come up.


aisha said...

Prices of Dubai apartments have soared 125 per cent over the past year around the Burj, catalysed by new laws that came into force only at the start of this year allowing, for the first time, foreign ownership of residential Dubai property. House-price inflation in other parts of the city has risen by between 20 per cent and 100 per cent over the past year, mirroring similar rates of annual inflation every year since the turn of the millennium.

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