12 March, 2007

Dubai Airport Incident

An accident took place on one of Dubai Airport runways this morning involving an Air Bangladesh flight. The runway is shut down and incoming flights are being rerouted to other airports. Outbound flights from Dubai are facing massive delays and rescheduling.

According to an official DCA source on Dubai Radio, there are is ONE fatality and a number of injuries, but all seems to be under control.

If you are flying today, it is strongly recommended that you double check with your airline before you head to the airport.

Anyone has more details, do share.

Dubai Airport closed after plane skids off runway
Delays and cancellations
Passengers tell of airport chaos
Dubai airport closed for eight hours after plane accident


EyeOnDubai said...

thursoittiNot much to add - Channel 4 are reporting airport closed till 2.30pm today, all 236 passengers safely off the plane, 14 minor injuries.

Said 'plane failed to take off' - overshot runway?

Anonymous said...


Seabee said...

At 4pm Dubai time the report is no deaths, one moderately injured and fourteen with minor injuries, thank heavens.
The airport is now open but anyone due to travel is told to check with their ailine. It will obviously be chaotic catching up with the backlog, flights inwards were diverted so those aircraft have to come on to Dubai and be fitted in and flights outbound were cancelled all morning.

Reports are variously: aborted takeoff, engines on fire, skidded off runway, nosewheels collapsed.

Emirates Mac said...

If you can get to it (it's Flickr), an overview shot.

urbanite82 said...

my boyfriend has been trying to leave since 8:20 this morning...he is just now boarding his flight (10:38pm)...yikes!

nzm said...

According to this GN oped written by an anonymous PR agent, DXB passed with flying colours.

I really had to reach for the bucket with the closing paragraph!

nzm said...

This is the link to the archived article

nzm said...

Video report from Reuters

trailingspouse said...

Here's the video on YouTube. I wonder if the pilot of the Cargo Dragonair flight was wearing brown trousers?

ramses1 said...

Video of incident caught by security cameras:

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