11 March, 2007

call for writers

London, Juneau, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Berlin, Karachi, New York City, Madras, Sophia, Moscow, Istanbul, Paris, Beijing, Geneva, San Juan, Tashkent

from alaska to mongolia

PORTRAITS, POSSIBILITIES, AND MUSINGS FROM THE MUSLIM WORLD: An opportunity to have your voice heard and your feelings known and the tell the world how Islam lives everyday!

Genres: Fiction Mystery, Historical Fiction, Suspense, Non-Fiction, Science Fiction, Poetry, and Essay.

To send queries, entries, or to get information write to: Maryam Ismail, editor maryam@journalist.com


Emirates Mac said...

Hmm... one post wasn't enough ? ;-)

And could we get a somewhat more detailed explanation of what this is all about?

Anonymous said...

What em said. I would love nothing more than my poetry published, but I'd like to know a bit more.

azucenamaryam said...

Thanks for your intererst. Well, this is what it is, it's an anthology that will be used inshaAllah in the schools, yeah a challenge to the mindboggling biggies!

Just some lit the locals, becuase they really don't get it, and they don't because it's just to far and foriegn, so I was hoping to change all that.
That is with your help.

Anonymous said...

The second part of your post made absolutely no sense to me.

What schools? grades? is there a time line for this?

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