17 March, 2007


From Gulf News, 16/03/2007: Every time Indian pace bowler Shanthakumaran Sreesanth takes a wicket in the World Cup, 11 Indians freed from jail will each get a free ticket home, a local company promised yesterday.

One word: WTF?


Anonymous said...


B.D. said...

That's bizzare. According to the article the Indian embassy is in on the scheme. Isn't there a better precedent for carrying out a humanitarian gesture?And isn't one problem with sports in India that all support is going to the one sport? What about heralding other Indian sporting achievements--and carrying out humanitarian gestures regardless of any sporting outcome? This makes the Indian government look crass.

Prometheus said...

Umm.. BD, Prometheus suspects the Indian consulate was not in the loop. Someone thrust a mike in their face and asked for a quote, which might explain a low-rung official making the generic statement.

You are absolutely correct that India is blind to other sports, even those where its people do better than the cricketers. And any which way, in this instant case there could have been other, more deserving charities.

Anonymous said...

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archer14 said...

Seems like Team India is all set to get booted off as soon as possible.
I was actually worried at the number of wickets dropping, I wanted more people to be let out...
Bd, some scheme is better than no scheme - that's a better way to put things into perspective when you talk of that 'consulate'.

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